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Meet a Few Awesome Girls

I Am...

Zuri sophomore.jpg

I am from my mother caring touch and my father soothing words 
I am from my sisters soft hugs and my grandparents loving hold 
I am from a house where every moment is lively and cherished
I am from a family's care in my ancestors' will
I am from my own passions and my own challenges 
I am from a world that would disregard me without a second glance
But thank God I am from a family that will hold my hand 
I am from a family that won't let me go and will push me onward to my goals 
I am from a family that loves me so and will never let the world tell me no

By: ZURI, a sophomore

I am the one who pushes the narrative
I am the one who expect the unexpected and battles the challenges
I am the one who comes from inspirations streaming through my bloodline
I am from trials and tribulations, but I will never let that hold me down
I am from greatness where greatness isn't anticipated
Most importantly, I am from my own thoughts and creativity which have made me into the person I am today...
…which is extraordinary.

Jazmine, Senior.jpg

By: JAZMINE, a senior

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