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Awesome Ambitions has been going strong for more than 20 years helping mentor young women to have successful futures through higher education, career planning, and planning for future preparedness.

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Awesome Ambitions meets virtually every Saturday 9:45am-11:30am using Zoom. 

We are excited to focus our workshops on the four pillars; social justice, entrepreneurship, health & wellness, and career planning/life skills.

Please join us with your journal, pen, and your never-ending eagerness to learn.

Upcoming Events

Meet Dr. Janice Ellis

Awesome Purse-onality 2021 Event Chair

Dr. Ellis grew up on a cotton farm in Mississippi and had a front seat to the Civil Rights Movement. Her first hand accounts of racial injustices, specifically and not limited to voter suppression by intimidation, cemented her path for her to become the fierce woman she is today. She eventually pursued degrees in communication and political science and wears many hats including commentator, speaker, advocate, and award winning author.

Awesome Ambitions has spent this last year focusing on social justice, career planning and life skills, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness. In this political climate, Dr. Ellis' expertise and compassion makes her an excellent choice to chair Purse-onality 2021, which will take place June 12.

“Being Chair of the Awesome Purse-onality 2021 Event means a lot to me personally. It was in high school that two teachers took an interest in me, encouraged me to continue to make good grades and assured me that if I did I could go to college or pursue whatever career I wanted. They exposed me to various college prep programs and too me on campus visits. Having them take an interest in me opened horizons, and that was the beginning of me achieving degrees, and pursuing a career that I love. I know firsthand how mentors and programs, like those in Awesome Ambitions, can impact a young girl’s life.” - Dr. Janice Ellis




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Arvest Bank donated $5000


Evergy donated $2,500 and an additional 2.200, underwriting our Evergy

Entrepreneurship Challenge


Dairy Farmers of America donated $2,500


American Family Insurance donated $500


American Century Investments donated $200

Josephine Swanson, owner of Retrospective Design, "...has designed this shirt with hope. Hope that we can be brave together, hope that we can learn to show each other love and grace. We won’t be perfect. We will make mistakes. But each small step makes a difference." 


Retrospective Design will donate $5 to Awesome Ambitions for each shirt purchased.

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I did not know anyone in Kansas City when I first moved here. The group helped me meet new people and learn how to encourage women to succeed. I am in College now and am volunteering as a mentor this year.




Video Testimonial

Awesome Ambitions Helped me get into a great college and now I am able to volunteer and give back to the younger generations! Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who made it happen, I was able to get scholarships I didn’t even know existed.

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