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Awesome Ambitions has been going strong for more than 20 years helping mentor young women to have successful futures through higher education, career planning, and planning for future preparedness.


Currently Accepting Applications 2020-2021

We are changing it up this year

Although the world looks a little different than it did last year, we are still moving full steam ahead with providing meaningful programming for our girls.

We teach the girls to be adaptable so we must be an example. We will be meeting every Saturday virtually.  

More information to come.


Josephine Swanson, owner of Retrospective Design, "...has designed this shirt with hope. Hope that we can be brave together, hope that we can learn to show each other love and grace. We won’t be perfect. We will make mistakes. But each small step makes a difference." 


Retrospective Design will donate $5 to Awesome Ambitions for each shirt purchased.

Wine for A Cause

You are in luck! We are still giving away our 2020 Awesome Ambitions, Awesome Purse-onality, signature, collectible bottle of Mano's Wine with our beautiful logo etched on the bottle.


For a $50 donation you will receive a free bottle of Mano's Wine.


This 2020 signature collectible bottle of Mano’s Wine with our Awesome Ambitions logo etched into the bottle is our thank-you for supporting our Awesome Ambitions girls. The $50 donation will get our gift mailed directly to your doorstep.

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Become an


Become an



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I did not know anyone in Kansas City when I first moved here. The group helped me meet new people and learn how to encourage women to succeed. I am in College now and am volunteering as a mentor this year.




Video Testimonial

Awesome Ambitions Helped me get into a great college and now I am able to volunteer and give back to the younger generations! Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who made it happen, I was able to get scholarships I didn’t even know existed.

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