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The world is about to discover the Awesome, unique, interesting, exciting and intriguing stories of Awesome Ambitions girls. In March, 2019,our new Awesome Ambitions book will be released.Each of our 45 Awesome Ambitions girls will have a page in the book with her picture and her story, written in her own words. To help our Awesome girls prepare to write their stories, we called in some experts in Kansas City for a story-telling seminar with our girls at the UMKC School of Nursing in Kansas City, Missouri. On Saturday, October 6, 2018, Jessica Ayala, a published poet,and Mallory Mallette, from the Story Center at the Kansas City Public Library shared their insights with our Awesome girls. Miss Kansas 2017, Catherine Carmichael; and Jennifer Niehouse, Professional Image Development Adviser also met with the girls to help them be ready to present themselves in person, in a positive way.

Jessica Ayala is a Dreamer and a published poet who performs her works in Kansas City, Missouri. She talked with the girls about connecting with their history and heritage as they determine what they want to share about their life-stories. Awesome girls were swept into Jessica’s rich heritage as she read from her poems. She encouraged Awesome girls to remember their heritage. “As you write, think about thinks like the people, places, foods and heritage they have experienced that contribute to the person they are and the person they are becoming,” said Ayala.

Mallory Mallette played a game with the girls that helped them realize that each story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. It was similar to the game telephone. An item was passed from one girl to one-another. The girl receiving the item had to make-up the next line in the story!

Former Miss Kansas, Catherine Carmichael, created a power-point with pictures of fashion options and invited the girls to share their thoughts about what fashions are appropriate for business, school, and social occasions. Carmichael talked about make-up options and what’s expected in the work-place. She shared her personal story of handing interviews during the Miss Kansas USA pageant and handling interviews to get a job.

The workshop session with, Image Expert, Jennifer Niehouse, gave girls the confidence to share their stories. Niehouse taught girls how to know what to say when they are introduced to business executives.She had the girls practice meeting and greeting one another and sharing three important points about themselves.Girls also learned the importance of being good listeners and asking relevant questions during interviews and introductions.

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