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Career Preparation Session 5

April 3, 2021

The Awesome Ambitions’ Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar held its fifth session today! Career spotlight presenter, Phadra Williams-Kee, opened the session detailing her work experience within the labor industry, the purpose of unions, and how being a black woman requires more effort in the workplace. This insight provided our Awesome Girls with a different perspective and new light on a career they may not have known of prior.

Our second guest, Jennifer Johnson, Training Facilitator of Personal and Professional Development at Connections to Success, covered interviewing tips and tricks in preparation for our mock interviews next Saturday! From the right time to show up to an in-person and Zoom interview, to how to professionally decline a job, our Awesome Girls received a wealth of knowledge! We are excited to see them apply everything they have learned throughout the past five sessions!

The Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar provides six educational sessions and will resume for its sixth session on April 10th! Throughout the pillar series, our Awesome Girls have had multiple chances to enter into an exciting giveaway for a new HP Chromebook! We have encouraged them to keep their eyes and ears open for instructions on how they can get one step closer to winning the laptop. They have one more chance next Saturday!

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