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Career Preparation Session 4

March 13, 2021

The fourth session of Awesome Ambitions’ Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar commenced on March 13th! This session was full of awesome, powerful guest speakers! Our mystery guest Captain Carynesha Mendoza at the U.S. Capitol Police Department, opened the session by sharing her journey as a public servant, and experiences during both the 9/11 attack and recent insurrection at the Capitol. Her story shed light on the events and how they impacted our nation.

Our second guest, Monica Belt, Senior Human Resources Partner at Dairy Farmers of America, covered the importance of having a positive social media presence. Tips on what to post, postings that are unfavorable, and how one’s social media can deter employers helped our Awesome Girls rethink what they are sharing on their profiles. Expanding on social media presence, Aaron Fulk, Marketing and LinkedIn Expert, provided a deep dive into LinkedIn—an online platform that connects the world's professionals. Fulk explained how to connect with relevant industry associates, write a marketable introduction paragraph, choose a professional profile photo and format the page’s experience sections. Our Awesome Girls asked tons of questions and are now equipped to begin utilizing LinkedIn to help propel their work journeys moving forward!

The Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar provides six educational sessions and will resume for its fifth session on April 6th! Throughout the pillar series, our Awesome Girls will have multiple chances to enter into an exciting giveaway for a new HP Chromebook! We encourage them to keep their eyes and ears open for instructions on how they can get one step closer to winning the laptop!

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