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Career Preparation Session 1

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

February 6, 2021

Awesome Ambitions launched its Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar on February 6th with an agenda focused on affirming oneself, positive thinking and pushing through adversity. Guest speaker Myesha Abdulrahman, Human Resources Business Partner at Target Corporation, presented her journey—from the struggles of growing up in a single-parent household and almost repeating 8th grade for not applying herself in middle school, to the reality check that propelled her to complete high school, succeed in college, and pursue new career passions as an adult. Her message of believing in yourself and learning from failures encouraged the Awesome Girls to continuously speak positive words about themselves and discover new strengths/ interests along their journeys.

The presentation was a great segue into the Elevator Speech activity. Tasked with brainstorming a pitch for their dream job, the girls compiled positive attributes, talents and interests to “sell” themselves should they have the opportunity to be hired. The activity helped solidify the importance of positive reflection and projection in order to build confidence.

The Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar provides six educational sessions, and will resume on February 13th to highlight resume building, the power of social media, and LinkedIn management. Throughout the series, the Awesome Girls will have multiple chances to enter into an exciting giveaway for a new HP Chromebook! We encourage them to keep their eyes and ears open for the code name in each session to help them get one step closer to winning the laptop!

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