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Career Preparation Session 3

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

March 6, 2021

Awesome Ambitions’ third session of its Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar commenced on March 6th! Guest speaker Dr. Danielle Twum (@forgedonyx), Molecular Scientist at Caris Life Sciences, opened the session by detailing her journey—from leaving Africa to attend college in the States, her passion for cancer research, and the importance of being fluid like water within your life and career. Twum’s insight inspired our Awesome Girls to follow their passions and remain open to changes throughout their individual journeys.

Dr. Danielle Twum

The remainder of the session covered the basics of forming a resume, the differences between soft and hard skills, and ways to market oneself better. Our very own Awesome Volunteer, Aisha Williams, led the workshop by crafting two Awesome Girls’ resumes in real-time. This instructional provided all of the girls with examples of how to form their own resumes and present themselves professionally. Final resumes will come in handy at the close of this pillar’s segment as mock interviews will be held, allowing the girls to put everything they learned in each session to the test!

The Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar provides six educational sessions and will resume for its fourth session on March 13th to highlight LinkedIn profile management. Throughout the series, the Awesome Girls will have multiple chances to enter into an exciting giveaway for a new HP Chromebook! We encourage them to keep their eyes and ears open for the code name in each session to help them get one step closer to winning the laptop!

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