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Career Preparation Session 2

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

February 13, 2021

Awesome Ambitions’ second session of its Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar commenced on February 13th! Building on the previous session, Awesome Girls had the opportunity to affirm themselves and shape their future through poetry. Through the “I Am From” activity, the girls reflected on where they come from, their background and past experiences, and how these humble beginnings have affected them. They were also able to brainstorm and poetically express how they see themselves in the future!

Following the activity, guest speaker Shelia Calloway, Career Readiness Instructor at the Full Employment Council, presented on the importance of resume building. With tips on resume layout, structure, wording and creative ways to beef up job names, Calloway guided the girls through producing a professional document that helps them better stand out. A valuable resource provided was O*NET OnLine—an online tool with detailed descriptions of jobs that aid in expanding on job responsibilities on one’s resume.

The Career Planning and Life Skills Pillar provides six educational sessions, and will resume for its third session on March 6th to highlight professionalism and LinkedIn management. Throughout the series, the Awesome Girls will have multiple chances to enter into an exciting giveaway for a new HP Chromebook! We encourage them to keep their eyes and ears open for the code name in each session to help them get one step closer to winning the laptop!

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