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Awesome Goal Setting

Bayleigh, Khia, and Alex from Your Wellness Connection did some grounding, gentle movement, and practiced some relaxation techniques.

Alex demonstrating a sounding bowl on one of the volunteers, Cheryl


Dr. Lateshia Woodley was abused at home, pregnant at 14, and still had the dream to graduate from high school. She started her talk with the Awesome girls, "my life started as a horror story, but now I live a fantasy."

Dr. Woodley worked in many fields from medical to law, but she always desired to be a counselor. While working as a paralegal, preparing to for start law school, she had a 14 year old client facing the death penalty. It was then, she decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in counseling psychology. She wanted to help people before they were in prison. It was goal setting that helped her achieve her dreams.

Dr. Woodley eventually became the principal of the high school she struggled to graduate from 20 years prior. After sending one child to FAMU and another to Howard, she wanted to touch more children and moved to Kansas City from Georgia, to serve as an Assistant Superintendent. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Support Services which now she takes care of 14,500 kids.

Awesome Girl, Grace said she wanted to become a superintendent one day. Her and Dr. Woodley in pic.


Mary T. Ricketts, businesswoman, CEO of Turning Point Training & Development, discussed time management and gave the girls tips on how to be successful. She mentioned it was important to block out realistic amount of time needed for a task to be completed. She said, "know your style, and what works for you." People need to know what actually works for them to manage their time successfully. Some people like apps, some like a planner, while others like to use the calendar in their phone. Ms. Ricketts gave the girls the quote , "The bad news is times flies. The good news is you're the pilot" . She also provided them with a. time management checklist that included; set a goal, prioritize, balance, identify your main goal, plan accordingly, stay focus, breathe and take breaks. Mary Ricketts made is clear you should have fun but after priorities are taken care off. That is the balance.


Penny Dale-McCant's son had two kids in high school so she started a daycare out of her house, Kiddie Depot. She realized other people needed help so continued to extend her daycare hours. If the daycare ended at 6pm, she would meet a parent who would get off of work at 11. She would then extend the daycare to 11 pm. Now, with her husband, Myron McCant, they run a 24 hour daycare, KD Academy.

When Mrs. Dale-McCant was dating Mr. McCant, she was hoping to move her daycare out of her home but she was unable to get a meeting with the owner of the property she was wanted to lease. Myron, who worked in contracting and construction, helped Mrs. Dale McCant secure the meeting and the deal was done to move the business.

Mr. McCant told the girls his business model was to get involved in something that he would do without getting paid. His four points to accomplish a goal was: 1. Have mentor (he then gave out his email address) and said Mrs. Dale-McCant mentors many women who are in different processes/phases of starting or owning a daycare. 2. be diligent, stay on your goal 3. Spend time on your goal/put in work 4. time management/ you must be on time. Mr. McCant also told the girls, "if you show me your friends I can show you your future. Your friends should match your ambitions and goals."

KD Academy, started out at Kiddie Depot with 6 kids. Now they can work with 53 kids per session, and when they move into their new building, they are permitted to work with 120 kids per session. In 24 hours, they will be able to give 300 kids, "love, education, and nutrition".

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