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Meet Fahteema Parrish

Awesome Purse-onality 2023 Event Chair


Fahteema grew up right here in Kansas City and attended Kansas City Public Schools.

Fahteema Parrish is the Founder and President of Parrish & Sons Construction company. Her drive as a business owner stems from her upbringing. Raised by parents who owned and operated a successful HVAC company, during her early informative years, Parrish learned both aspects of running a successful business. A daddy’s girl, Parrish was always around her father watching and helping him with property inspections and fieldwork. At the same time, she learned from her hard-working mother who handled the accounting aspects of the family business.

Before Parrish & Sons, Parrish completed her undergraduate and graduated education in the field of technology. Soon after graduation, she landed employment in her field and worked for more than 20 years in the tech industry.

Parrish’s 20 years of experience in technology as a Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, and Designer & Process Innovator, give Parrish & Sons the foundation and the cutting edge that is needed in the construction industry.. Parrish’s expertise in both fields allows her to make expert decisions for her clients. And unlike other construction companies, who may implement new tools without knowledge or research, Parrish is not quick to jump on the bandwagon and implement new products that may compromise the integrity of a client’s building structure. Likely, she is not afraid to have those tough conversations with clients because integrity is in her blood, and you can’t teach that.


Awesome Ambitions has spent this last year focusing on social justice, career planning and life skills, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness. In this political climate, Fahteema's expertise and compassion makes her an excellent choice to chair Purse-onality 2023, which will take place July 22nd.

“Being Chair of the Awesome Purse-onality 2023 Event means a lot to me personally. 

Prepare to be amazed and inspired!  You’re about to experience a celebration of the best food, music, and fashion in Kansas City!  It’s a show-stopping celebration with one purpose— helping teenage black and brown girls overcome roadblocks and achieve their dreams.  Thank you for your support –and welcome to Awesome Ambitions, Awesome Purse-onality 2023.”


- Fahteema Parrish, Event Chair

President of Parrish and Sons Construction


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