Our Awesome Girls of the Quarter

Awesome Girls of the Quarter is awarded to young ladies who exhibits leadership skills by being proactive, great communicators, generous, and motivating.

We are so proud to present Riyan and Kennison  

as our Girls of the Quarter for their dedication to service. 

Riyan volunteered at the polls with her mother during the November election. Prior to the election she spent time handing out information on how to vote.   She also spoke to 1st graders, virtually, about being Responsible, Responsive, Resourceful, and Respectful. We want her to continue to work with young people and be informative. Riyan is a true role model.

All of the Awesome Girls "Why Vote" videos were spectacular however Kennison's video stood out among the rest. Kennison is very creative and talented which is also displayed in her praise dancing. We want her to continue to be strong and use her voice to encourage people. Kennison is a true role model.

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